Search Function existing user not found

Feb 23, 2011 at 4:08 PM

We have 91 users listed which is correct.   If i look through each one listed all the users are there, but if i do a search, some users won't be found. 

i've looked through the profile imports and crawl logs in my ssp and all are there.  There is no difference in the user profiles from the ones that are searchable and the ones that are not.

For example, we have 4 users with the name "Mike".  But when i do a search for "Mike" in the name field I only get 3 results.  I would say about a quarter of our users are not searchable.

I've tried deleting all the user profiles and reimporting.  I've verified all user profiles are the set the same.  Show To field in User Profile show "Everyone"  Data connection to AD is importing correctly and all the fields are populating at least in SSP.

Any ideas or help please.